Social media mistakes we need to stop making

Social media mistakes we need to stop making
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Social media mistakes we need to stop making

We all know that for a company to succeed in the online space one needs to make sure that people regularly sees you, knows who your company are and above all, good client service.

Moxie’s social media guru, Keagan, will take you though some common mistakes we usually make with our businesses social media.

  1. Don’t aim for every available social network. Not all social media channels are a perfect fit for every single company. Often we try to make our social media pages fit every single social media channel resulting in wasted resources and most importantly lost opportunities on the right channels.
  2. Afraid of dealing with negative comments. On any active social media page, negative comments do arise from time to time, the first thing, and main important fact to remember is to take it off to a private space, one does not want to argue with a customer where others may see, always ask the customer to inbox their contact number and take it from there.
  3. Delete comments. What’s worse than having a full blown argument on your Facebook page? Receiving a complaint and rather than managing it, deleting it! People want to see how negative aspects of a company is dealt with. Negative comments not only make us seem more human but also shows us that they greatly care about customer service.
  4. Worry about Likes and not impressions. Yes we all love that moment when one posts something and the Likes keep on piling up. What we need to remember is that it’s not always about likes, it’s about how many people see that post. With certain services all we need is for our company name to be memorable so that when you do need it, you’ve seen it enough to be the first name that comes to mind.
  5. Doesn’t understand Social Media rules. Yes, you heard it, social media has rules! What we often do not realise is that on certain social media channels, one is penalised when breaking these set rules. Brush up on what one is allowed to post and what not, also on what one can and can’t say.

Social media is a very useful tool to use for any business, in todays’ day and age we cannot afford to simply sit back and expect a static social media page to bring in customers. Be consistent with posting new things, keep your viewers intrigued and if all else fails, you can always come to Moxie to assist with your social media content.

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